6. Building a new paradigm from the inside out

This phrase is worth keeping in mind in any action taken towards the promotion of the train of thought necessary for the transition to an NLRBE. Whilst we should of course be endeavoring to spread awareness of the train of thought needed for this new socio-economic paradigm to emerge, we should also ensure that we are practicing what we preach wherever possible as well. Whilst we may know that this often only amounts to patchwork, if we instead see it as part of our overall communication of the train of thought then this may help to motivate us toward taking positive action in how we arrange our life, setting an example to others of what it means to live a sustainable life. 

This is why striking the common ground with organisations who are trying to affect the sorts of changes that would undermine dependency on the current system and bring about the conditions required for an NLRBE, should be actively supported in their endeavors by advocates of this direction.

In this way, when we talk to children at schools and encourage them to be the light of change they would like to see in the world, we will not only be leading by example but will also be able to give them on the ground examples of those who are attempting to initiate a positive change in their local communities.

The following are some examples of possible changes in lifestyle to both ´starve the beast´ so to speak and to also promote a more positive, sustainable and collaborative disposition:

Cal Earth Eco-Domes:




Plastic bottle structures:


Boat living:


Convertible mobile homes:


Community living:


Open source ecology:


Tool libraries:


Local food production:


Transition Towns:


Gift economy:


Local currencies:


Time Banks:

Bit coin:


The new engines of social change

An interesting initiative for social change which has gained some traction in recent times has been the promotion of a universal/unconditional basic income for all citizens in a given country. This could be an important step toward making sure that people feel some sort of security in being able to meet their life needs so that they then have the freedom to engage in more meaningful and positive social enterprises.

The following blog entry helps to sum up this initiative:


As well as the following talk by Federico Pistono:

Some other transitional ideas are contained in this short documentary ‘Enough is Enough’:

Engines of social change with a direction

Ultimately such initiatives should eventually lead to a system of decision making which is more aligned with an empirical understanding of the reality and life ground we all share. We cannot afford the complacency of thinking that this will come about by itself, or that such social initiatives as the ones mentioned in this article will be enough to solve our collective environmental social and economic woes.

As stated in the article ‘Changing educational incentives’, the entire edifice and underlying calculation metrics of our socio-economic system is based upon growth, inefficiency, obsolescence and competition. To expect collaboration, efficiency and sustainability from such a thing is, to put it mildly, naïve in the extreme. Whilst the initiatives laid out in this article should be welcomed and engaged in as necessary steps to take in terms of transition, the point regarding the need to shift to a steady state, sustainable economic and social system must not be ignored or downplayed.

The efficacy of and need for an educational and communicative approach

A useful analogy to make might be that of a university course of a Doctor. Do we want our Doctor to have taken that university course and have had a rigorous amount of scientific and medical training before seeing us or just go straight on the job because he or she read a few blogs on the internet?

The same could be said of our entire culture. The self appointed guardians of the status quo rightly say that we need to tackle issues such as income inequality, climate change, environmental degradation and alike and yet seem unable to see that the reason for these problems in the first place is the system we are using and which they ultimately see as valid. Even if they did admit such a thing most are seemingly unaware of our current technological capability to provide an access abundance for all of humanity sustainably and the effect this would have on human behavior. Once again even if they do know all of the above then they do not present a viable alternative socio-economic framework capable of delivering such conditions.

The need for a revolution of values is one thing, but equally as important is the need for an appreciation, digestion and a well rounded education and comprehensive understanding of these factors. This is why the advocation and education toward an NLRBE is such an important endeavor and why, given the current state of affairs on this planet it is frankly laughable to hear the criticism of such an action as ‘not doing anything’. On the contrary, I would attest that for the reasons noted above this educational and communicative approach is perhaps the most important of all activities any concerned citizen of spaceship Earth can engage in!

Changing education to change the world

In much the same vein as the prior point, if we are seeking to change the education system then we must also be clear about why we are doing so and where we are headed. We undoubtedly need a change in both education and our socio-economic system if we are to move forward in creating a more peaceful, sustainable, humane and collaborative approach to societal and planetary management.

By learning more through the information on this website and at www.thezeitgeistmovement.com and www.thevenusproject.com, engaging in the ongoing TZME activism project, visiting other sites featured in these articles and helping these groups in their endeavors where possible, we can start to have a serious influence on the educational system and society at large. Making the shift in values required for an economic model which meets the needs of every member of humanity more than just a dream, but a reality.

Will this journey be hard? Yes, but anything worth doing always is!

It could be said that if you ultimately value living a life of personal integrity, then the finish line you seek is found in the day to day, moment to moment process of living that life in accordance with your values.

So please do take the time to visit the ‘Action in Education’ section of this site, and join in this global initiative to go into your local schools and universities to communicate these ideas to future generations.

The purpose of this site is to enable supporters of a natural law resource based economic model (NLRBE) to understand and appreciate the need to approach the education system in an effort to initiate the value shift required for a more peaceful and sustainable future to emerge.