15-20 age range

The power point presentation or corresponding video in the 10-15 section should also suffice for the older age as a short introduction to the train of thought behind an NLRBE.

Or perhaps the following talk could also be useful in this regard:

For a more detailed introduction perhaps you may feel another one of the many online lectures from the movement, Zeitgeist Addendum or Zeitgeist Moving Forward would be appropriate? Perhaps the following shorter documentary ‘Paradise or oblivion’ from The Venus Project may come in useful:

It is obviously down to your discretion and judgment as to what is most appropriate for the event. With any presentation you give remember to practice it in advance and try to make every effort to make it as engaging as possible.

One of the avenues to give a presentation in a School here in the UK in this age bracket exists in a class sometimes referred to as citizenship lessons, personal and social studies or general studies at 6th form level. University level courses for sociology, politics, human studies and ecological/environmental based courses could also present a possibility for securing speaking slots as well.

It would be a good idea to print off some flyers for people to take away with them at these events if possible. They will be far more likely to check out TZM if they take away a flyer with all the relevant information on it. These materials can be obtained via the main TZM website at www.thezeitgeistmovement.com.


Were just 200,000 of the over 500,000 members of TZM to go into just one school or university to give a presentation of this nature to 180 students and teachers as I have done in 6th form citizenship lessons for example, then we would reach a staggering 36,000,000 young adults about to enter the current system. So please do not think that we cannot have a serious impact on cultural values or behaviour as we very much can if we act efficiently and as a critical mass by engaging with those who are more likely to appreciate what we are saying.

The scientific method and the critical thinking, creativity and collaboration inherent to it are of the upmost importance to reinforce in the delivery of the train of thought necessary for an NLRBE.

Hopefully the materials contained in this section will help towards delivering a sustainable train of thought to the next generation.

It is advised to have read through all the information in the activism section of this site before contacting, or going into any educational facility.

If however, you do require further help or advice, please do not hesitate to get in touch via the contact section of this site.

The purpose of this site is to enable supporters of a natural law resource based economic model (NLRBE) to understand and appreciate the need to approach the education system in an effort to initiate the value shift required for a more peaceful and sustainable future to emerge.